Yamits Album Mastering

Yamit Mamo © Blake Ezra PhotographyIn April I finished co-production on an album for singer-songwriter Yamit Mamo, recorded over the past 3 years at AIR Studios and Strongroom, and mixed at AIR and at my home studio in South London. 11 tracks of soul, funk and dub are being mastered as we speak by Matt Colton of Alchemy Mastering.

Mamo will be a familiar face and voice to Dr Who fans – she has appeared as a performer and provided vocals for several episodes of the BBC series, and her band probably also feature in your record collection in a variety of guises. The album was recorded in AIR Studio 1 with the whole band playing live takes together, and a few overdubs here and there.

Follow Yamit and her band/guest-vocalists/co-writers  on twitter:

On vocals @Yammadabbadoo, on keys @GourmetGorman, on bass @jakenewmanbass, percussion @TGDGoodman, on drums @ElliottHenshaw, co-writing and BVs @AnnaKrantzMusic and BVs @Stacca